Battery Tools

Battery Tools

OR-T 100

Orgpack OR-T 100 Light Battery ToolUpdate: The Orgapack OR-T 100 light battery tool has been discont..


Signode BXT-16 Battery Powered Combination ToolThe original BXT or BXT-16 tool is discontinued, we s..

OR-T 120

Orgapack OR-T 120 Battery Strapping Tool The Orgapack OR-T 120 HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE OR-T 1..


Signode BXT2-10 Battery Powered Strapping Tool The BXT2-10 is discontinued.  It was repla..

OR-T 200

Orgapack OR-T 200 Tensioning and Sealing Battery Powered Combination Tool Update: The OR-T 200 has ..


Signode BXT-19 Battery Powered Combination Tool*The BXT-19 has been discontinued. We recommend the u..


Signode BHC- Combination Strapping Tool The Signode BHC has discontinued. For similar units, use ..

OR-T 83

Orgapack OR-T 83 Manual Tension with Battery Sealer Combination Tool Update: The OR-T 83 has been d..


Signode BTS-19 Battery Powered Vibratory SealerThis tool has been DISCONTINUED, for an alternat..


Signode BTS-25- Battery Powered Vibratory Sealer This tool has been DISCONTINUED, for an alter..

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