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Model 450DX Scrap Chopper

Model 450DX Scrap Chopper

by Sweed


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Model 450DX Scrap Chopper

The Model 450DX is designed for 3/4" steel strapping with seals and some poly strapping. Operating on 1HP of power, the 450DX scrap Chopper machine is great for use with in-line placement to process slitter-line trim. This machine can handle the tougher materials due to its added horsepower over other scrap chopper models. The 450DX has an intake speed of 106FPM which ensures quicker clean up of workroom floors. 

The following steel strapping sizes can be fed into the Model 450DX Scrap Chopper. 

3/8” x .078” steel band

1/2” x .0625” steel band

3/4” x .046” steel band

5/16” x .031” steel band

1” x .031” steel band


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