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Model 517 XHD Scrap Chopper

Model 517 XHD Scrap Chopper

by Sweed


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Model 517 XHD Scrap Chopper

The Model 517 XHD has a 5HP drive motor for ultimate power and chopping force. For custom or varying applications as well as large quantities of scrap material that's being discarded, the Model 517 XHD is the most popular scrap chopping machine. One substantial feature of the 517 XHD chopper is that it has a magnetic starter which protects the workers from an unexpected restart after an electrical outage or disconnect. The machine is controlled with a foot switch which adds to the workmen safety. 

1/2” steel band

3/4” steel band

1 1/4” steel band

High-tensile bale wire

Solid Aluminum and Copper bar

Just introduce the material into the inferred funnel. The pinch rolls will then grab the material and pull it into the rotating knife path. The feed works will continue to pull at a rate of 90 feet per minute until the material is consumed or the operator releases the air-activated feed works through the foot switch. For detailed information about the Model 517 scrap chopper, call Allstrap!  *Allow up to one week of shipping time.

Model 517 XHD Scrap chopper

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