Packaging Line Engineering

Allstrap's Kodiak machine is the first head using 1 ¼” polyester strapping (2009). 

Allstrap has the only head available for 1 ½” polyester strapping (2011).

Allstrap has the only dual strapping head using polyester 5/8”-1 ¼” and steel 5/8"-1 ¼” strapping (2009).

Get your automatic, semi-automatic, and manual strapping machines repaired by pros! Choose PM or urgent maintenance at your facility, or send it to us and keep the cost down. The Saizar Kodiak machines are used in steel mills, service facilities, pipe wire and rod plants, and lumber mills. Get a duel head for steel or polyester strapping, or a single head that uses one material. Cutting edge equipment using 1 1/2" polyester to reduce the number of bands, and increase line flow!

Want a RETROFIT? You can use your existing banding station, and swap out the head!

We are located in Columbus, Ohio.

Production machines available to view in USA, Europe, and South America.

References are available from the largest steel mills in the world.