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A11 Pneumatic Cord Lashing Tool

Golden Bear’s A11 is the strongest lashing tool on the market.  It runs cord lashing from 1 5/8” 7,700 pound grade 6 up to 2” 15,000 pound.  The A11 tensioner pulls above 3,000 pounds of tension, and does it quickly.  There is a massive motor that gives you speed and torque!

Do you need a lashing tensioner with more mobility?  Try the C11 (click to link) that is battery powered and pulls 2800 pounds.

Allstrap Opinion:  If you need to strap down an air craft carrier, this is the tool I would use!  The A11 lashing tool pulls massive tension, and is one of the few tools capable of replacing the WP2 steel tensioner. 


A11 Pneumatic Cord Lashing Tensioner by Golden Bear

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