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Golden Bear C11 Battery Tensioner

by Golden Bear


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C11 Golden Bear Battery Powered Lashing Tensioner

Need an easy way to pull cord strap tight? This is the most convenient way to use cord lashing yet!

> The C11 tool comes with 2 batteries and a charger. 
> There are no pneumatic lines to drag and the battery last up to 300 pulls. 
> This tool uses a patented method to drive the windlass tensioner.  The C11 cord tensioner uses a Metabo driver to power it.  That means replacing it is inexpensive and easy! 

> Chargers are available for the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa (please use the contact us button to email inquiries from outside of the US). 
> There is enough power for the most demanding loads, 3,000 pounds of tension makes this the strongest tool on the market.

There are 3 versions for different thickness strapping or lashing:

Standard version for works with 1 1/4”-2” strapping or lashing.  It uses a standard gripper.  We like this version for 7,700 pound lashing and below.

Mid version works with 7,700-12,000 pound lashing.  This has a more aggressive gripper so the tool stays set at high tension.

Aggressive version works with 10,000-18,000 pound lashing.  This version has a wider gap to accommodate the thicker lashing. 

Allstrap Opinion:

We highly recommend the Golden Bear C11 because of the simple operation and battery power. Loosing the air line has been a major initiative in large US companies because of the trip hazard.  Without an air line to pull behind you, you're free to take the tool anywhere.  Roam through the warehouse, to a storage location, inside containers and in railroad cars.   This tool is tough, and pulls massive tension! If you are looking for a lighter tool, use the C12HD (click to link).  For the lightest cord strap tool, use the Golden Bear C12 tensioning tool.

Battery Cord Strap Tensioner C11 Golden Bear demo CC105 cord lash

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