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Gator Lash 8071

Gator Lash 8071


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Gator Lash 8071 for 2 inch, 16,500 pounds. This is the strongest lashing on the market. 

16,500 pounds for the toughest applications. 
This gator lash is used on railroad cars, in containers, and for break bulk shipments.  
More cost effective than ratchet straps
Cut-to-length, which eliminates waste
Strong as steel but weighs 75% less
Easily applied and can be retensioned when necessary
Can be customized with your company name, logo, or message

Width: 2”
Coil Length: 500 ft
Coils/Box: 1
Coils/Pallet: 24
Break Strength: 16,500 lbs

Tool Repair: C11 Cord Tensioner

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