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Pneumatic Tensioner for Cord Strapping

> The PneumoCord is a pneumatic tensioner for woven and composite cord strap. 

> Due to its high tensioning force, the pneumatic tensioner PneumoCord guarantees

the optimum pretension of cord strapping up to 1.25 inch (.032 mm) width.

> The desired tension of the strap can be adjusted by changing the working pressure.

> The integrated cutting device allows working without previous cutting of the used

material and therefore most minimum consumption of strapping material.

> This tool weighs 8 pounds for easy handling.

> This tool has a very rugged design for professional application.

> It has high tensioning power of up to 1686 pounds, or 7,500 N.

> It is suitable for textile and composite strapping up to 32 mm (1 1/4") widths.

This PneumoCord is also called Cordstrap CT PN 32 Pneumatic Tensioner

*Lead time about 1 week to ship. Update: The newest battery tensioner made in the USA, Battery tool C11 is now available! Great for all applications and has the simplest operation of any strapping tool. 

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