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Signode VT-25HD Heavy Duty Pneumatic Combination Tool for Polyester Strapping

The Signode VT-25HD is the lightest tool in its class weighing only 10.5 lb. It applies over 800 lb. (3600 N) of tension. All metal and alloy parts provide long-lasting, low-maintenance operation. The VT was one of the first tools to be used with 1” high strength polyester.  With this tool's help, many companies started switching out of steel strapping into poly strapping, which was not possible before 2008. This tool has a one week lead time.

Description:Pneumatic Combination Tool for Polyester Strapping

Applied Tension:800 lb.

Allstrap Opinion: The nice thing about this tool is the base is flat and small, making it easier to pull out when you are done. The VT-25HD cutter also can be flipped, reducing maintenance cost.

Updated Allstrap Opinion: We would not consider a pneumatic tool (including VT25) today.  The battery tools are lighter, and tougher.  December 2019 update.


Signode VT-19HD

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