1 inch Polyester Strapping 1 inch Polyester Strapping 1 inch Polyester Strapping
1 inch Polyester Strapping

1 inch Polyester Strapping


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1" x .050" Poly Strapping 

A 3,000 lb. break strength, making it one of our most popular items here at Allstrap. Lately, it has been used in heavy duty applications to replace steel banding. Poly strapping has a safety advantage over steel strapping: no sharp edges. It has great elongation and recovery, and is the strongest PET strap in the USA. This 1" poly strapping works with manual tools, pneumatic tools for high capacity stationary operation, and battery combo tools. The 1 inch x .050 inch polyester strapping is used in automotive supply chain, aluminum, lumber, steel processing, paper and pulp industries. This product is available printed with AAR 82, and has been approved for use on the railroad. If you want 1" banding work or are considering making the switch from steel to poly, Allstrap can walk you through it in your plant!


Much safer than steel because the plastic has no sharp corners.  Overall, strapping speed will increase because poly strapping tools are on average 30% to 50% faster then steel strapping and cord strapping tools. Switching to poly strapping saves you money because the per foot is 1/3 less then steel strapping, and up to 50% less then cord strapping. Use the P331 Fromm tool for 1 1/4" poly strapping. It's a new battery combination tool, and our favorite battery tool here at Allstrap. Or, if you want the pneumatic option, we recommend the Fromm P359 for 1" poly strapping. It's heavy duty, quick and simple to use. You won't believe how much easier banding is with this tool!

Allstrap Opinion: We have always loved switching into poly strapping where you can. Now that the tools have caught up to the 1" width of the strapping with the pneumatic Fromm P359 in 2014, the Signode battery powered BXT2-32 in 2014, and the Fromm battery powered P331 in 2015 you should consider switching. You can justify the investment in the tool through huge cost savings on a per foot basis, and eliminating the clip/buckle, Safety (1 steel strapping injury justifies a switch), and finally Productivity increase of 33%, also making it much easier on the workers. 

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