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CL-200 Cut-To-Length with Strap Dispenser

CL-200 Cut-To-Length with Strap Dispenser


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The cut-to-length Model CL200 plastic strap dispenser is designed to increase the efficiency of strap cutting and worker safety. By automating the strap cutting process, workers receive accurate and clean pieces of strap, and the material cost is reduced by eliminating waste. The CL200 also allows companies to eliminate repetitive cutting operations and reduce the possibility of lacerations and repetitive strain injuries. This dispenser accommodates standard size plastic strapping spools (16” x 6”) and can be customized to fit virtually any spool size. It features a user-friendly programmable logic controller (PLC); simply enter the length of the cut (in English units) and the quantity of straps desired into the keypad, and the dispenser does the rest. *up to one week shipping time

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