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The StrapBandit pallet threader is a nice upgrade to an old solution.  Strapping needs to be laced through a skid.  The green football bounces through pallets and does not get stuck.  If a broken deck board is down, the football bends left or right.  It pops over and under stringers making this the easiest to use strap feeding solution.  The broom stick gets banding through, but this is much faster, easier, and repeatable.  As an added bonus, it can be thread standing up.

Allstrap's opinion:

This strapping feeder is very useful and easy to use. The StrapBandit is a clear improvement on a process that everyone in shipping does all the time. The pole is flexible, so you don't have to bend over to thread the pallet. The green football on the front easily maneuvers around stringers and boards.  

StrapBandit Pallet Threader


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