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Signode AMT-58 Manual Combination Poly Tool

The AMT-58 is Signode's manual combination poly tool with magazine seals. The AMT-58 uses a feed wheel with unlimited uptake to pull banding tight. (Part number 306930) AMT-58 weights 14 lb. This tool is used with 5/8" PET strapping. 

Strapping:For use on 5/8" (16 mm) High-Strength Tenex plastic strapping.

Tension: Up to 400 lbs. (1780 N)

Joint Type: Crimp

Seal: 58 AMT

Weight: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)

Allstrap Opinion: In the 1990s this is a great tough tool for lumber yards, and it held up in the toughest conditions. The AMT58 tool was mobile, and takes a magazine clip with seals. Some other manual versions make you load a seal in every time you strap. We like this tool if a powered tool isn't for you. But... for the price you really should consider a battery powered BXT3-16 (click here to read all about it), or the P328, or P328S.

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