GripPack 34 DN Sealer GripPack 34 DN Sealer
GripPack 34 DN Sealer

GripPack 34 DN Sealer

34DN 114DN

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34DN 114DN

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Signode's GripPack DN

Update 4-22, the 3/4" option is now on the RCBD-1431 page, please click to link.

This Grip Pack sealer is waiting for corrections by Signode and is expected to be available 5-18 (although I really think it will be more like 7-18).  It is not available at Allstrap, or anywhere.

Signode's GripPack DN is the first double notch battery powered sealer in the industry.  There are two versions for different width band:


> GripPack 34 DN, is the 3/4” sealer that works with steel strapping .025”-.031” and a heavy duty seal.    

> The sealer is 7.5 pounds.  We expect around 250 sealing cycles per battery.


Now you can take the work out of sealing, and get rid of the trip hazard pneumatic line with the same tool!  It runs on an 18 volt battery, and Allstrap offers the upgraded 6 amp hour battery as standard.  Add the battery and charger, or extra batteries a la cart (part number 800293, 800294).  Tool part number 800670.

*Please allow up to 3 days to ship. 

Allstrap Opinion: This is the an easy to use sealer. In 2015 you were forced to use a hand sealer (like the MIP3100) or a pneumatic (like the RCNS2).  Since air power ties you to a single location, and is expensive to use and maintain, we love the battery tool!  It is also a huge safety improvement losing the trip hazard, and making it easier for operators. We suggest trying the GripPack 34 DN and GripPack 114 DN sealer!

Update 8-18:  We are having way too many problems with Grip Pack tools.  Signode said the problem is fixed with the new batch, but we have tools dead on arrival, and dead after a week.  If you don't care that Signode does not accept the warranty claim for a month or two, then go right ahead and buy it.  Otherwise, lets wait a to see if the mechanical and circuit board problems get figured out on the Grip Pack tensioners, sealers, and cutters.


Signode 34 DN Double Notch Sealer

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