GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer GripPack 114 DN Sealer
GripPack 114 DN Sealer

GripPack 114 DN Sealer

Signode GripPack 114 DN Sealer

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Signode GripPack 114 DN Sealer

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Signode RCBD-1431 Grippack 114 Steel Strapping Sealer

(And Grip Pack RCBD-3431 3/4” sealer)

This is the first battery powered steel strap sealer for 3/4” or 1 1/4" high tensile strapping. The Signode RCBD1431 GripPack 114 runs on lithium power and can place 200-300 seals per battery charge. The mechanics of a traditional strapping tool are the same with the GripPack 114, but it is much simpler. The tool is placed over the seal, and when the trigger is pulled it quickly and smoothly seals the joint. The GripPack will not misfire due to a new sensor that detects steel strapping.  It is fast, but not quite as fast as a pneumatic RCNS2-114 sealer. It is light weight and easy to transport. 


Not only is the tool lightweight, but the sealer is designed ergonomically to reduce operator fatigue. It can be easily transported around the work room or loading dock and doesn't get in the way like the old pneumatic air lines would. Also in comparison to pneumatic tools, the battery tools have much less inconsistency than their pneumatic competitors which can ensure a secure seal each application. With just as much power and strength as pneumatic tools, the battery GripPack 114 Sealer is reliable and a staple in the steel strapping industry as well as the railroad industry. Signode tools are widely used and appreciated throughout the world for their durability and really simple operation. They are also well known for their ergonomically pleasing designs and light weight tools. The GripPack 114 Sealer is no exception, and is having a successful debut as the first and only battery powered steel strapping tool on the market. There is a separate GripPack 114 Tensioner so the two GripPack tools can carry out the entire strapping function.

Call Allstrap for an in-person demonstration. We keep Signode tools in stock, and have more experience with HD strapping than anyone in the country. 


Strap Qualities:  Magnus or Apex Plus 

Part Number: 800672 (1 1/4”), 800670 (3/4”)

Strap Dimensions: 1 1/4"x 0.025" to 0.031" / 32 mm x 0.64 mm to 0.79 mm

Operation: 18 V Lithium-ion battery 4 amp hour

Sealing: Double reverse notch joint with 114 P push seal

Motor: Brushed

Weight: 8.25 pounds including battery

Cycles per battery: 120+

Tool Dimensions: 14.25" x 3.25" x 7.25"

Alternatives: Kodiak (battery combo tool), 3100 (manual sealer), DN114 (battery sealer)

Allstrap Opinion:

Signode's Grip Pack is a welcome addition to steel strapping tools! Now, steel service centers can band easily on the lazy suzy turn table, and in containers and railroad cars. This tool can be used anywhere. Thanks to the cutting edge lithium battery, the days of manual and pneumatic steel strapping tools are numbered.  There are two competing battery powered sealer, the Siat, and the Golden Bear  We expect the DN114 tool will hold up much longer, and it is also a better balanced and lighter tool.  

Update 4-22:  We are having way too many problems with Grip Pack tools.  Signode said the problem is fixed with the new batch, but we have tools dead on arrival, and dead after a week.  If you don't care that Signode does not accept the warranty claim for a month or two, then go right ahead and buy it.  Otherwise, let’s wait to see if the mechanical and circuit board problems get figured out on the Grip Pack tensioners, sealers, and cuttersAt this point we have a hard time recommending the GripPack 114 DN Sealer. 

Update 11-23: For this sealer there are a bunch of problems you will see when you take the cover off, here are my biggest Grip Pack complaints:  1) The motor is not brushless 2) The aluminum spacer in front of the motor threads into another aluminum part.  Aluminum thread holds up only limited times, and then expensive replacements are needed. 3) The worm and worm gear are too small, so they burn out and need frequently replaced 4) the $15 cheap brushed motor will have the brushes burn out, when it does you also have to buy a new circuit board as they are sold only as a set 5) the sensor always goes bad. 6) The tool jams frequently, which will require a reset in maintenance to get the seal out of the Grip Pack Sealer jaws. 


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