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Signode BPT-H32 Battery Powered Push Style Combination Tool

The Signode BPT-H32 is a double reverse notch sealer used with high tensile steel strapping, and recommended for use on round or irregular loads. Weighing 18.3  pounds (4 pounds more than the Kodiak combo tool), the BPT-H32 tool uses its nose to push the seal, a feedwheel to pull tension, and jaws to notch the seal in a full combination action. The BPT-H32 applies up to 1,600 lbs. tension to steel strapping. The BPT-H32 is a relatively easy tool to operate thanks to the two bottom control system. The strap easily slides out after each strapping cycle. The touch screen allows you to change the tension settings, or to switch between manual and automatic.

Signode BPT-H32  parts will soon be loaded onto the order parts tab of this page for replacement parts.  The smaller Signode 3/4" BPT-L19 is also now available!

How to Strap with the BPT-H32: While operating any strapping tool, safety precautions must be taken. Safety goggles and hand protection must be used and careful distance from the tool and the cargo must be maintained. First, thread the strap through the seal and wrap the strap around the load. Remove excess slack and pull opposite end back through the seal over top of the original strap. Hold the BPT-H32 in right hand and the strap in the other. Use the lever to lift the foot and slide the strapping in. Slide the tool forward as far as possible to ensure tight tensioning. Press the button to start tensioning. Once desired level is reached, the tool will automatically shut off. Press the sealing button to compete the sealing function until the tool automatically stops the sealing process. 



Strap Type: High Tensile/Magnus

Strap Width: 1 1/4 Inches

Strap Thickness: 0.023"- 0.031"

Seal Name: 1.25 Inch Push Seal 

Joint Type: Double Notch

Weight: 17.7 pounds (tool only, batteries approximately 1 or 2 pounds depending on capacity).  This is an actual measured weight, not what is supplied by Signode.

Allstrap Opinion:

The BPT-H32 is not a bad tool, but with the weight, I don't understand where this fits in your plant!  Battery powered steel strapping tools should free the operator from the airline, and be mobile.  This Signode gun does lose the pneumatic line, but is a bear to carry around. This is the only the second tool on the market that pulls tension, and seals in the same tool. Traditionally steel service centers would take around the PN2-114 pneumatic tensioner, and T the air line into a second RCNS2-114 sealer, and at the end of the cycle the PN would be bent up and down until the band breaks.  Now, one tool could do everything, but ONLY if you can carry the battery powered gun. Pneumatic tools (PRHR-114) are counterbalanced which makes the weight manageable, unfortunately I would need to suspend this tool in the plant as well!  The weight would make it very difficult or impossible to use on recoiler lines, and a pipe plant would also have trouble!  BPT-H32 will replace some PRHR-114 pneumatic tools where air pressure is a problem.  While we do like the switch to battery tools, the Kodiak tool is a ton lighter, which makes it much more mobile.  Watch the comparison BPT H32 vs Kodiak battery powered steel strapping video to decide for yourself.


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