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440 Cut-to-Length Dispenser

440 Cut Length


Availability: Usually Ships in 2-5 Days


440 Cut-to-Length Steel Strapping Dispenser

*The 440 Cut-to-Length has a 2-3 week standard lead time. The 440 Cut-to-Length dispenser is designed and recommended for packaging departments and insulation contractors that require high volumes of pre-cut strapping and banding material. It reduces labor costs and eliminates strap waste. Simply enter the length of the cut and the quantity of straps into the digital keypad. The dispenser does the rest. The 440 Cut-to-Length is industry proven on jobs requiring 50,000 cuts per day. Solid state controls and working parts designed for years of rough use provide this machine with an exceptional service life. Solid state control with continuous LED readouts for the strap length and strap count, cycle hold feature to check strap length, and a reset feature that recalls the original strap count without resetting the display, all provide for ease and flexibility of operation. The membrane type touch pad seals out dust and dirt, extending service life, while providing positive data entry.

Five Year Limited Warranty

The seller warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship and according to pre-determined order specifications in which the machine was designed. The warranty is active for five years from the date of shipment. It does not apply to parts that require replacement during the warranty period, due to normal use. The seller will only pass on the guarantees/warrantees of specific parts manufactured by others for the machine, i.e: electric motors, cylinders, valves, beatings, etc.). In no event is the seller liable for labor or consequential damages to the machine. 

Strap Sizes:  Steel, 3/8" x .015 inch to 2" x .050

Coil Size:  16"I.D. x 28"O.D. (max) Ribbon or Oscillated wound

Dispensing Rate:  100 feet per minute

Strap Length: 1 inch to 1,000 feet

Strap Quality:  1 to 9,999 pieces per setting

Electrical: 110V, 60 HZ, 1 Ph (other voltages available consult factory)

Pneumatic: 80 psi.

Product dimensions: Dimensions: 21"W x 52"L x 48"H 

Shipping Weight: 390 lbs.

Optional Equipment 

Poly Strapping Options for Light, Standard and Heavy Gauge Strap

-Hardened knurled feed rollers

-Coil extensions- 16" ID X 6" Face poly coils 

-Precision strap guidelines- specify strap at order (Light gauge only)

3/8"- 3/4" Die Cut Strap Ends and Strap Ejector Assembly 

-Heavy duty punch and die set

-Synchronized strap ejector mechanism

Die Cut Strap Ends and Strap Ejector Assembly Conversion Kits for Existing Machines

-3/8"- 3/4", 1 1/4", 2"

-Complete kit to convert any existing 440 CTL dispenser to Die-Cut style strap ends

1 1/4" Die Cut Strap Ends and Strap Ejector Assembly 

-Heavy duty punch and die set

-Synchronized strap ejector mechanism

2" Die Cut Strap Ends and Strap Ejector Assembly 

-Heavy duty punch and die set 

-Synchronized strap ejector mechanism 

Locking Swivel Casters and 15" Leg Extensions

-For extension heights above 15" contact factory 

Special Single Phase Voltage

-(i.e: 220v, single phase, 50Hz)

Special Multiple Phase Voltage 

-Any US three phase and most European multiple phase voltages. (Consult factory) 

Export Crating- ISPM 15 Stamped and Certified 

Allstrap Opinion: If you are precutting banding for an hour a day, this machine is well worth it! Savings show up in labor (not used to precut), and with the more accurate precuts. Hand cutting banding can waste several inches of banding per cut, and that really adds up over time.  The 440 CTL is a time tested great machine.  We highly recommend the 440!

440 Cut To Length Automatic Strapping Dispenser

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