1.25 Inch Push Seal
1.25 Inch Push Seal

1.25 Inch Push Seal


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1.25" Push Seal for Steel Strapping

Steel strapping seals are made from strong cold rolled steel. They are also called closed clips/seals.  Seal width accommodates 1.25" x .025"-.035" high tensile strap, length 2 3/16",  67-69 pounds per box of 1,000.  Push Seals are common on irregular and circular objects.  Seals are pre-threaded onto strapping with the bottom strap bending under the 114P pusher seal, allowing the tensioner to use its nose to "push" the seal.

We are excited to see the new battery powered steel strapping tools.

Combo pusher tool:

Try the Golden Bear Kodiak Steel Strap Combo Tool!


Golden Bear STB Steel Strap Tensioner

Signode GripPack 114 Tensioner Battery Powered Tool

Coming Soon: Itipack ITI84 Tensioner


Signode GripPack 114 Sealer tools for Steel Strapping

Golden Bear BC-114 Battery Powered Sealer

Coming Soon: Itipack ITI85 Sealer

Allstrap Opinion:

These are the standard seals used in steel mills and metal service centers.  These seals work great, and keep heavy things safely banded up.  We like the 114P pusher style seal.


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