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Grippack Cutter

Grippack Cutter

by Signode


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Grip Pack Battery Powered Cutter

The Signode grippack cutter is the all new battery operated cutter for steel or plastic strapping! This lightweight battery operated grip pack cutter, makes it easier for the operator to stay safe while using plastic or steel strapping. With minimal effort, cut up to 2 pieces of 1-1/4 x .050 strap offering two modes of operation; a button for loose strap to maximize the cutting speed and one for tensioned strap to grant operator safety. Call Allstrap for details. 

From the Manufacturer: In the tensioned strap mode, the GripPack cutter holds the tensioned strap in place during cutting and keeps one end of the strap in its serrated jaws after cutting. The result is one-handed operation that allows operators to safely position themselves away from the single rebounding strap end.

Strapping: Steel or plastic strapping

Size: 1-1/4" x .050 

Cutting Rate: 250 cuts per charge

Weight: 7.5 lb. 

Part Number: 8007700

Signode's Grip-Cut

Signode Grippack Cutter

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