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CU-25 Long Handle

CU-25 Long Handle

by Signode


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CU-25 Steel Strapping Cutter with longer handles

The CU-25 is used for up 2" x .050" steel banding.  The cutter is reversible guillotine style, which makes the blade last forever.  This version of Signode's CU25 has about 3' handles.  The standard 2' handle CU25 can be found here (click to link).  Picture is of the standard Signode CU25, not the long handle version.

Allstrap Opinion: The CU-25 is a great tool. It has a really long lasting cutter. If you don't need this much of a cutter try the 2C.  This is the best HD cutter ever invented.  The long handle keep operators further away from the bands being cut, and pushes them further away from potentially dangerous areas.  We highly recommend this cutting tool.  

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