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Model 450 DDX Scrap Chopper

Model 450DDX Scrap Chopper

by Sweed


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Model 450 DDX Scrap Chopper

The Model 450 DDX is a Dual Drive scrap chopper with lots of power.The dual feed rolls allow quicker intake and can handle large amounts of poly banding and 3/4" steel banding. The 450 DDX machine works great for in-line placement processing slitter-line trim and tube scarf strap. It has a 1HP motor and additional mass on the fly well which allows it to accommodate large loads of scrap. The 450 DDX can sit on a stand which can be easily moved around the workroom floor for easy maintenance. 

The following steel strap sizes work with the 450DDX Scrap Chopper

3/8” x .078” steel band

1/2” x .0625” steel band

3/4” x .046” steel band

5/16” x .031” steel band

1” x .031” steel band


All sizes of plastic/PET strap. Call Allstrap for detailed information about the Model 450DDX Scrap Chopper. *Allow up to one week of shipping time.

Model 450 DDX Scrap Chopper

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