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Model 300 Scrap Chopper

300 Scrap Chopper


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Model 300 Scrap Chopper

The Model 300 Scrap Chopper is a versatile electronic motor chopper that can be used for both steel and poly scraps. The use of a scrap chopper can prove to be a big money saver because it reduces the mess in the warehouse, it's safer for employees to operate and eliminates the cost of excess waste disposal. The Model 300 Scrap Chopper is small but powerful. It can sit on a stand or a barrel and feeds strap at 109 FPM and cuts each piece to 2 1/4". This 300 scrap chopper machine is ideal for use on the docks or a lumber yard setting. Model 300 Scrap Chopper can process the following banding sizes:

3/4” x .031” steel banding with clip

5/8” x .030” plastic/PET straps

3/4” x .050” plastic/PET straps

Call Allstrap for detailed information about the Model 300 Scrap Chopper. *Allow up to one week of shipping time.

Model 300 Scrap Chopper

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