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Fromm P327

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Fromm P327 Lithium Ion Battery Strapping Tool

Update: The P327 has been replaced by the Fromm P329

The Fromm P327 is a warehouse's dream come true. Unlike pneumatic tools, this battery operated tool is easy to handle, light weight, and cord free. If you're looking for this same tool for smaller strapping, the Fromm P326 (P326 was replaced by the P328) is the way to go. It is the little brother of this P327 tool, and is slightly lighter and reliable.The P327 fits strapping sizes 5/8" - 3/4". For an even bigger tool than the P327, the P331 uses 3/4”-1” - 1 1/4” poly strapping. All three of the P series Fromm battery tools are leaders in the strapping market. 

Fromm P327 comes with numerous advantages over other battery tools for poly strapping. The P327 has a new reinforced single 18 volt motor that operates the tension and sealing process, which reduced its overall weight to 9.0 pounds (including the battery). The power supply battery is Li-Ion 18 volt that allows up to 450 strap cycles per battery charge. It’s one hand operation makes the process quick, simple, and uses less man power than traditional hand tools. The adjustable tension force of the P327 allows the operator to choose the force based on individual applications. The average seal strength is up to 75% (dependent on the strap quality.) There is a new larger capacity lithium ion battery available. The new Fromm P327 gives 1/3 more run time to your Fromm strapping tool. 

The P327 is used in a number of industries:

-Ceramic and tile

-Plastic industry including plastic sheet and plate



-Cotton and textile    

-Food processing    

-Transportation and logistics    

-Cable and wire 

Other Options:

1. For 1/2” or 5/8” use the new P328.

2. For 5/8” or 3/4” use the stronger P329.

3. The Signode BXT2-16, or BXT2-19. update 9-21 now the BXT3-16 and BXT3-19

4. Manual tensioner like the ASC320, and sealer like the ASC330.


Order Parts & Tool Repair:

Fromm P327 parts can now be easily ordered online through Allstrap! Click "Schematics" tab above, and browse the P327 Schematics to find the part you need, and add it to your cart! The P327 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing.

Strap Qualities:

Strap Dimensions: 5/8 " - 3/4“  x  .016 -.053" 

Tension: 135-790 lbs.  

Sealing Type: Friction Weld Sealing

Weigh: 9.0 pounds including battery

Tool Size with Battery: 13.8" x 5.0” x 5.1"  

Tensioning Speed:  2.2” - 5.1” inch/second (55-130 mm/s)   

Competing tools: ORT260, BXT3-16, ORT450, BXT3-19, B600

Allstrap Opinion:

05-16  Review: The P327 was an overall good tool.  For its first year it had trouble with the motor, and the motor is still more exposed to drops than I would like.  But this Fromm tool was fairly tough, and easy to use.  

We now suggest The P329 or P329S, which are hands down the best strapping tool available. The single base makes it easier to use, and gives the ability for smaller and round bunks. The single base makes it more resistant to damage when dropped, making the Fromm P327 one though tool.  Click to link to the new P329 page for more information.


Fromm p327 battery strapping tool

Fromm strapping tools for polyester banding

Fromm p326 p327 p330 vs. p328 p329 p331

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