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Signode SPC-3431 High Strength Sealless Strapping Tool

The Signode SPC-3431 is used with 3/4" up to .031" high tensile steel strapping. The SPC-3431 uses a feedwheel to pull the banding tight, then it makes its own seal and cuts the strapping. The SPC-3431 is generally counter balanced. 


Strapping Qualities:  For use on 3/4" (19 mm) Magnus steel strapping in gauges from .025 -.031 (0.64-0.79 mm).

Tension:  Up to 1,600 lb. (6230 N)

Joint Type:  Four key, reverse lock sealless

Weight: 24 lb. (10.9 kg)

Allstrap Opinion:

Before buying Signode's steel strapping tool, you should consider the new HT Poly strapping, used with tools like Signode's BXT2-32. It is quickly replacing strong 3/4" steel strapping because it is faster, safer, and costs less. 

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