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Signode BXT2-25/32

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Signode BXT2-25/32

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Signode's BXT2-32 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT2-32 has been replaced by the BXT3-25 or the BXT3-32

With several industries looking for an alternative to steel banding, the BXT2-32 is it. The Signode BXT2-32 offers flexibility because it can be run in manual or automatic mode. At Allstrap, we prefer the auto mode, as the BXT2-32 does everything and keeps the process really simple. It pulls the strapping to the operator's preset level, then automatically switches over and welds and cuts. Due to the overwhelming strength of this tool, Signode added a safety sensor on the back of the tool by the battery. The safety sensor ensures that the operators hand will not get smashed under the banding, since both hands are on the tool.


The BXT2-32 tool is perfect for HD strapping applications in lumber and metals, which were stuck with steel banding and manual tools in the past. Powered by a 36 volt lithium Ion battery, the BXT2-32 works with 1" and 1 1/4" PET strapping with a maximum joint efficiency of 75%. This tool is sold with 1 BOSCH battery and a charger. 



This tool is made by Orgapack for Signode, like the rest of the BXT2 line. If a shop uses metal banding and is limited by the lighter strength of past polyester banding and tools, we highly recommend switching to the Signode BXT2-32. Because of the heavy duty component of the BXT2-32, wear and tear are greatly reduced when compared to competing tools. The brushless motor adds to the durability and cost effectiveness of this tool. Another great aspect of the BXT2 series of tools is that they are all run using Lithium-ion batteries. We ran the Signode BXT2-32 on the tension tester and it pulled 1,600 pounds. With large customers like GE, Caterpillar, and Boeing requiring an alternative to steel banding, it will not be long before the BXT2-32 and BXT2-25 have taken over.


Tool Repair:

Need your Signode BXT2 32 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.Call Allstrap for an in-person demonstration.  We keep Signode tools in stock, and have more experience with HD strapping than anyone in the country. 


The updated BXT3 banding tools are also offered for strapping sizes 3/8"- 1/2" as the BXT3-13, 1/2" - 5/8" as the BXT3-16, 5/8"- 3/4" is the BXT3-19, and the BXT3-32 is the largest model, for 1"- 1 1/4" poly strapping.

Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET)

Strap dimensions: 1" and 1-1/4" 

Max. tension: 1,460 lbs.

Sealing type: Friction-weld sealing

Weight (including battery):  14.3 lbs.

Allstrap Opinion:

The BXT2-25/32 tool is light duty for a 1" and 1 1/4" HD poly banding.  We could not keep it running for a month in production, so we switched to a much stronger tool.  The main problem is swinging the rocker out from under the feedwheel.  To swing the BXT2-32 or BXT2-25 rocker it uses way to wimpy blocking pawl, and the dogs that wear so fast they will be your main wear part.  This tool is prohibitively expensive to keep running, and we suggest retiring it with the first repair over $1.000.  So you may only use this tool for 2 weeks before that point...  We suggest you try the P331 (click to link).

Update 11-19:  We have an account that broke the BXT2-32 tool the second day in production with the same problems as always... stay away from the BXT2-25-32 if you can.


Bxt2-32 Signode bxt2-25 strapping tool video

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