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Signode TH-34-114 Feed wheel Steel Strapping Tensioner

The TH-114 is for .75”- 1.25" banding. Signode's TH-114 weighs 7 lb. and pulls lots tension. This tensioner is the largest feedwheel tensioner in Signode's tool range, the smallest is the Signode ST, the 3/4" is Signode T.  The TH-114 is mainly used with 1 1/4" high tensile strapping. There is a replica of the TH-114 available called T34-114 (click to link), and it is a good tool too.

To operate the TH34-114 tensioner:

1)  Squeeze the handle to open the tool

2)  Insert both straps under the feedwheel

3)  Release squeezed handle to lower wheel

4)  Crank lever to pull tension on strap.

Use a seperate sealer like the EP1900 then remove the tension tool by squeezing handle and moving tool right.

Allstrap Opinion: This tool has been the work horse for many HD industries over the last half century.  Today we see plastic strapping in many places steel was the only option because of tools like the P331 (Click to link), and you should evaluate if you can switch before buying another tool (Hint, I bet you can).

Signode TH-34-114

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