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Battery Powered Cord Tensioner C12

Golden Bear
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Battery Powered Cord Tensioner C12

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C12 Golden Bear Battery Cord Strap Tensioner

  • This C12 tool is a brand-new banding tool from Golden Bear.

  • Use it on woven and composite strapping 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4".

  • This is a mid-duty tensioner and is powered by a brushless motor.

  • The C12 is the lightest in its class at just 8 pounds.

  • Includes two batteries and a charger.

  • There are two versions of this tool available. 

  • This standard C12 version and a stronger C12HD (click to link).

  • 4aH batteries available upon request

Allstrap Opinion: We highly recommend the Golden Bear C12 because of the simple operation and battery power. Losing the airline has been a major initiative in large US companies because of the trip hazard.  Without an airline to pull behind you, you're free to take the tool anywhere.  Roam through the warehouse, to a storage location, inside containers and in railroad cars.   This tool is tough, light, and easy to use!  If you are looking for more tension, use the C12HD (click to link).  For the strongest cord strap and cord lash tool, use the Golden Bear C11 tensioning tool.


C12 cord strapping tensioner for wire bunk

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