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PN2-2 Signode Push-Type Pneumatic Tensioner for Steel Strapping

Specifications Strapping: For use with 2" steel strapping in gauges up to .044"

Tension: Up to 1,600 lbs. 

Weight: 8.1 lbs. (3.7 kg)

Order Parts & Tool Repair: Need your PN2-2 repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround. Call Allstrap for an in-person demonstration.  We keep Signode tools in stock, and have more experience with HD strapping than anyone in the country. The PN2-114 is generally available rebuilt, please call for pricing. 

Allstrap Opinion:  The Signode PN2-2 Pneumatic Tensioner is durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. The feedwheel is extremely accessible and can be replaced and switched out in less than a minute. This 2 inch PN2-2 tool provides top notch performance and can fit a wide range of steel applications. It's a great tool.  If you need more tension, look at the WP2 that pulls 8,000 pounds!


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