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Signode DC-1A Dispenser

The Signode DC-1A dispenser is one of the most versatile dispensers from Signode because it holds 3/4" steel strap up to 2" steel strap. It has a built in strap cutter for pre cutting, but does not have a tool tray or portability options. The strap is dispensed vertically from the outside of the coil.  The feature of this Signode dispenser is that it holds two ribbon would coils side-by-side. *The DC-1A dispenser has a 1 week lead time. 

Allstrap Opinion: We're big fans of Signode's DC-1A dispenser. This tool makes cutting bands to specific lengths a breeze, especially when setting up for the day. While there are automated machines like the 440 that can do the job for you, the DC-1A stands out when there's a need to precut a large number of bands. Our pro tip? Place a 2x4 board on the ground to act as a stopper for the strap. Spin the coil until it reaches the board, then deploy the cutter. It’s that simple, and you're instantly prepped for the DC1A to cut the next band. Not only is this unit efficient, but it's also durable. In fact, we trust it enough to use it internally for our tool repair department. For those considering a dispenser, we highly recommend the DC-1A from Signode.

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